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Yanaizu Factory

The most advanced production base “Yanaizu Factory” in harmony with affluent nature.

The main “Yanaizu Factory”, located in affluent nature, is leading factory in the industry and the source of Simon’s competence.

The factory has the all-in-one production system including development, procurement, production and physical logistics. Results of research and development are directly reflected to material procurement and production, which realize quick response of superior products. The all-in-one system also bring short lead time, optimized inventory and flexible value chain to Simon in collaboration with distribution network. Simon is not aimed at department optimization but at the whole company optimization.

Computerized production process control, automated machinery and industrial robots…Simon actively Introduces advanced systems.

  • Strobelling


  • Lasting


  • Automatic industrial robot

    Injection machine

  • Injection machine

    industrial robot

Yanaizu Factory applies a wealth of leading-edge production technologies and rigorous quality control to serve up a steady stream of JIS-compliment safety shoes.

The factory also strives to automate and streamline wherever possible, through strategies such as computerized control of production processes, adoption of a wide variety of automated machinery and an array of industrial robots. These sophisticated approaches enable Simon to achieve multi-model, small-lot production and continue to blaze a trail as a pioneer in the industry.

List of Factories
Yanaizu Factory
210, Tonosukou,Ooaza hosohachiaza,Yanaizu-machi,
kawanuma-gun,Fukushima-ken 969-7209 Japan
TEL:81-241-42-2881 FAX:81-241-42-2887
Aizu Factory 2724, Aza Matuhara,Ooaza Todera,Aizu bange-machi,
kawanuma-gun,Fukushima-ken 969-6584 Japan
TEL:81-242-83-1317 FAX:81-242-83-0321

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