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The origin of a company name

Mr.Chuka Toshioka

The company name of "Simon" was designated by Mr. Chuka Toshioka who is a great-grandfather of Mr. Kazunori Toshioka (President).
He is a Christian and evangelist so that decided the company name of "Simon" that came from "Simon the tanner" in the Bible Acts of the Apostles.
Simon the tanner was a skilled craftsman and a person of integrity.
As a same of Simon the tanner, he desire that will be of public benefit and a respectable company and also wish a happiness of workers in the company.

History of Company Logo
logo1 Until about 1960 Simon Leather Corporatopn.
logo2 1962-1988 Simon Corporation.
logo3 As of today Logo has the meaning as follows.
Challenge and Innovation for safety.
Will be stable company.
Achieve the growth of Simon.

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