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Compliance & Information Security

Compliance & Information Security

Since its establishment in 1948, Simon has continued to growth with our customers and business partners. Compliance is one of the most important items for the company now. Our thought of the compliance is performing actively not only legal compliance but also the business activities that conform to social norms and rules of the company, it would be getting the trust and meeting the expectations of our customers and business partners. Will be pleased to work actively with all employees as Charter of corporate behavior related to compliance to internal rules in Simon. In the process control measures to provide for the leakage of internal information and customer information, we have built a robust information management system is Simon. By will continue to develop a security in response to changes in society, we will continue working on it to protect the safety and security of our customers and business partners.

In addition, through the natural disasters occur frequently, in the business continuity plan (BCP) that for the disconnection prevention of supply chain and corporate survival, Simon has multipolarized the procurement of raw materials, distribution, and computer management. We are absolutely sure to business continuity. Even more, as a matter of policy for the anti-social forces , on the basis of "Guidelines for companies to prevent the damage caused by anti-social forces " (the Ministry of Justice published ) , against the antisocial for instance gangsters etc. that pose a threat to social order and safety for power , Simon will resolutely eliminate supported by resolute attitude .

As we continue to be a company that is trusted by society to fulfill its social responsibility as a business person, Simon will proceed further thorough.

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