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Reduction of environmental impact

Reduction of environmental impact


Our Yanaizu plant, the General Logistics Center has obtained the ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) certification, we are working to reduce the environmental impact from the manufacturing stage which has the most environmental impact. In 2000, Yanaizu factory became the first production facility of a leather safety shoes to receive certification under ISO14001 in Japan. We have been updated it six times. Simon has made the reduction of industrial waste, promotion of resource recycling, the promotion of energy saving.

Simon Recycle System

The Green Purchasing Network (GPN), established in February 1996 promotes the concept and practice of Green Purchasing in Japan. The organizations include a wide variety of businesses, local governments, consumer groups, environmental NGOs, and cooperative associations across the country have participated in the same position of the purchaser. Simon has joined GPN since October 2006.


In energy-saving activities of the office, introduced to the Cool Biz and thorough temperature control set 28 ℃ cooling, heating to 20 ℃, we are working on energy saving aggressively.

Wild Birs Society of Japan

For a better natural environment protection, Simon supports the activities of the Wild Bird Society of Japan as a member.

eco ace

The product of Simon broke the bounds of common practice of the industry, there is a concept of "can do for the earth" in the basic stance of the development.

◎ Mass production and development of burnable Composite toe cap to replace the steel as the world's first
◎ Released eco-friendly safety shoes "ECOACE" with a non-chromium leather
◎ Use of recycled materials for instance reusing the Particulate Leather.

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