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Product Development
& Safety Promotion

product development safety promotion

composite toe cap, SX Triple Layer F Sole

With the concept of Fun-to-wear safety shoes , to break the common sense safety shoes is heavy, hard, black color and tiring to wear, we have developed an innovative safety shoes which has the industry's first, lightweight and burnable composite toe cap and the patented “SX Triple Layer F Sole” with the improvement of the good design and comfort much less safety, They are compatible with the " safety " and " comfort and design characteristics ", we realized the safety shoes fun to wear .


Simon, we have to value the contact with customer’s voice in the work site. We have participated in a number of exhibitions in Japan and overseas, including the Green Cross exhibition to be held each fall. (Left fig.: Simon Booth in the 2018 Green Cross Exhibition)


Original performance of safety shoes, as well as Simon believes a product in value what it was in the sensibility of the people who wear it. 7600 series in 1987 was awarded the Good Design Award for the first time in safety shoes. 7500 series and Simon Light series (formerly Triftan) has won for the first time in the safety footwear industry the Long Life Design Award in winning the Good Design Award 11 times in the past. Not only to evaluate the design simply a winner, indeed if there is a corporate attitude with excellent products and original concept.

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